OpenSolaris 2009.06


Today marks the release of OpenSolaris 2009.06, the third release of the OpenSolaris operating system. We’ve shifted gear, bringing you a new set of features right to your door, from the desktop to the data center. New features: network virtualization with Crossbow; turn any host into a SCSI target with COMSTAR; host virtual guests using xVM Hypervisor or LDoms; SPARC support for Distro Constructor, Auto Install, and Snap; Intel Xeon 5500 processor support with deep power management; MySQL and PHP DTrace probes in the WebStack; improved usability of the package management system; ZFS Time Slider snapshot management; contribute new applications with SourceJuicer; Get 24/7 support with OpenSolaris subscriptions.

The OpenSolaris Operating System contains many new features thatare not available with the current Solaris 10 update but, per the OpenSolaris and Solaris release model, may be included in subsequent Solaris 10 updates and milestone releases. Most notably, the addition of an easy-to-use graphical installation experience, ZFS as the default root file system, a network-based image package management system (IPS) with access to a full suite of software, the ability to more easily update between releases of the operating system, and a more familiar environment for those used to Linux based operating environments.

This VMWare image lets you try it out without installing it or even rebooting your machine, and works in the Free VMWare player.

Base OS OpenSolaris
Version 2009.06
Disk Size 8Gb
Memory 512Mb
User Login vmplanet
User Password
Root Password
Compressed Size 765Mb
Uncompressed Size  3488Mb
filename vmplanet-OpenSolaris2009.06.7z
sha1sum aacf9a09cbd502e13e170068e98cbd2f8a51ade0
md5sum 28d52cbe295f768938879077a8116339
Download URL VMPlanet OpenSolaris 2009.06