VM Request Information

If there is a Virtual Machine, that you are looking for, and that you feel would be useful, or if you are in need of some sort of custom setup, please let us know.

We currently have the ability to generate virtual machines for VMware Workstation (8 and below) which will also work on VMware player, and also Sun’s Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Any reasonable requests will be considered, and pretty much any linked donation would guarantee it.*

If you are interested in sponsoring a virtual image, we are willing to work with you to provide a custom solution to meet your needs, from a simple link on the virtual image page mentioning sponsorship, to  making minor modifications to the sponsored image, such as custom branded wallpaper, or setting the default home page, to point at your domain.  (Any deviations on the image from our standard image, will be listed on the virtual image page.)

If you are looking for custom work, that you don’t want published, we have been building virtual machines for this site, since 2007, and have been doing server side virtualization since VMware GSX Server 2.x.  We have flexible pricing to help with dealing with the current economy, and are based out of the midwest (Lawrence, KS).





* You’re donations will go towards covering our bandwidth and hosting expenses, software licenses (I’d love to be able to add Parallels Workstation, and VMware Workstation 9 was recently released…) and if we manage to cover somehow cover expenses, will be applied towards future expenses.